Household Garden Workshop


November 17

December 15

February 16

March 16

What to Expect:

*Workshop 10am-3pm @ the Field To Fork Farm 3526 Front Street Palisade Co

*5-7 Attendants per workshop very focused for individual needs and question

*At this time each 4 dates available for the household garden workshops will cover the same material. A Part 2 garden workshop could be available in the future.

*Cost: 100.00 includes lunch and beverages


The Household Garden Workshop:

Focused on the growing climate of Western Colorado

Garden design
site aspect, bed layout, access, pathways, sun aspect, irrigation

Growing in small spaces
maximizing productivity in your household area, area efficient crops, growing vertically, weed management, introduction to integrated pest management

Intensive planting
Biointensive planting allows more plants per bed creating a living ground cover

Growing your own seedlings, small greenhouse design, growing micro greens

Developing new ground
Soil preparation, removing grasses and unwanted weeds

Creating deep soils
Ergonomic digging techniques to deepen & develop nutrient rich soil with loft. Specifically amending compost and working not against Clay soil.

Understanding transplant shock and proper irrigation

Turning kitchen and garden waste into fertility for your garden. We call it money in the bank!

Innovative tools & techniques
Appropriate affordable tools to help you physically and help make gardening more enjoyable

Weed management
Hand weeding & stale seed beds

Season extension 
Getting an early start on the season and growing a little later

What is Biointensive Growing?  Biointensive agriculture is an organic agricultural system that focuses on achieving maximum yields from a minimum area of land, while simultaneously increasing biodiversity and sustaining the fertility of the soil. The goal of the method is long term sustainability on a closed system basis. Together these techniques have developed into what is now called GROW BIOINTENSIVE.

One of our farms mission is to address the unstable nature of the global food system, which nearly all of us depend on. This farming method we want to share with you are designed to provide food through out the seasons for those who practice it. While continually building and developing the soil and conserving natural resources. The result is producing safe food year after year with great results, growing and eating seasonally while creating a deeper connection with your food.

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