New Year! New You Promo! 1 FREE CSA SHARE

Wow, its 2019. Lately we have been feeling a little sluggish and have been noticing the wear and tear on our bodies and minds of consistently grinding out 60+ hour work weeks to regenerate, re-build and maintain this farm. We are not shy to physical hard work. We love the rewards of our work but this month we are taking time to regenerate ourselves and hit the gym to build some muscle and work out some mental kinks as we head into another very busy growing season. This week as I was taking care of me and my mental and physical health I realized how much more I need to do in the self care area of my life. We also want to help others who are also working hard and are looking for new self care options.


Every new year we run a promotion to try to encourage all you folks to start the year off on a healthy foot. Join our CSA, and you'll find yourself cooking more, eating healthier, and feeling better. Cooking is relaxing and can reduce stress, we hope to be in your kitchen this year. We really are dedicated to helping you achieve your new year’s resolutions this year. Your taste buds, pocketbooks, belt buckle, and family will all be thanking you. If you join between now and January 31st and enter seedhead at checkout, YOU'LL GET A FREE CSA SHARE!

FRUIT & VEGETABLE GOODNESS. This is not a joke. Real, free, organic produce, for you!

If a free box isn’t enough to entice you, here are 5 reasons joining the CSA will be the best decision you make all year.


By joining our CSA, you are supporting a locally owned and operated business. Unique local businesses are part of what makes Mesa County and Colorado so special. Buying local helps our economy as well as supply jobs and support the livelihood and training of future farmers. When you support our farm, you are supporting the people that toil ceaselessly week after week to plant, harvest, clean, pack, and deliver your veggies.

2. Good for your health

Farm-fresh vegetables are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals that are essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Two and a half cups a day says the FDA? EASY, with a CSA headed your way.

Even if you have less vegetable-centric dishes planned for the week, our CSA can augment your regular weekly shopping list, ensuring that you have at least some of that scrumptious local, nutrient-dense produce peppered on your plate! A little goes a long way!

3. Freshest-possible veggies

Cultivated in Palisade Colorado and harvested no more than a day or two before reaching your kitchen, these fruits and vegetables are at peak nutrition and flavor. Getting a CSA share with Field To Fork means you know exactly where your food is coming from and how it's grown. GMO? Heck no! Come out for a volunteer day, see your crops in the field, and ask your farmers about it!


4. Eat with the seasons

Eating locally connects you to the seasons, to the land, and to your own health and wellness. Cucumbers will cool you down in the summer, while braised kale will warm you up when the temperatures start to drop. Enjoy the best pico de gallo of your life during the short window when cilantro, onions, peppers, and tomatoes all overlap, and we promise you'll never go back to the store-bought stuff again. You'll get acclimated with the seasons on a whole new level, and learn about what naturally grows when and why.

5. Try new foods

With farmers who are constantly chompin’ at the bit to try a new crop, who knows what will show up in your CSA box. From the array of fresh greens to the broad fruit spectrum, keep your mind wide open to a whole new world of produce you never even knew existed. Plus, you can experiment in the kitchen and broaden your culinary horizons!


But don't take our word for it. Check out what our CSA community has been saying about the CSA experience below. 

“My husband and I have been members for several years now. We have tried other CSAs, but the passion and commitment Jess and Scott have for their community and their work is truly unique. Their knowledge and innovation bring variety to the shares members receive. Their warm welcoming smiles make you feel at home. AND bottom line-the food they grow is amazing!” Heather F.

“I joined Field to Fork it's innaugural year because it was conveniently just down the street from my home and studio. I then spent the next few years trying to grow my own. Well shut my mouth! I'm a terrible gardener. Leave it to the experts. I'm Baaaaaaack!” Tim W.

“I highly recommend Field to Fork for their vibrant organic produce, community and passionate farmers! My family have been CSA members for several years and we enjoy visiting the farm every week to pick up our produce. Our children love to help pick out our weekly share and they get to see and experience where our food truly comes from. It is amazing how fresh and delicious the produce is and the many varieties of veggies challenges us, in a good way, to try new things and recipes. Scott and Jess are amazing people who put so much love, passion and energy into their farm!” Michele C.

“We have been members of Field to Fork CSA for 1 year (many more to come). It was our first time with a CSA. We REALLY enjoyed the quality of food from Field to Fork, the variety and amount we received! They offer different ways to pick up your share but we really enjoy going out to the farm, cutting herbs, and talking with everyone! Highly recommend!” Keri S.

“2019 will be my fourth season as a CSA member at Field to Fork. Scott and Jess truly are passionate, talented farmers. I have trusted their produce to be healthy and organic more than any "USDA Organic" label at the grocery store, even before F2F got their organic farming certification. Their fruits and vegetables are delicious and high-quality; I especially love their lettuce, carrots, and tomatoes. We are privileged to live in a region so fertile for farming and I'm happy to put the food dollars that I will be spending anyway to support this wonderful family farm. You should too!” Leeanna T.

Let us be part of your kitchen in 2019 and help you reach those health goals in 2019, sign up here. Sending you the best wishes in the new year!

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