Field To Fork Annual Veggie Plant Sale! Get your Garden Ready

It's about ripe time to start getting that backyard, side yard, or community garden plot ready for a bountiful spring and summer. If you're like us, your hands are itching with the urge to get out and fill that garden with new plants. Before you start planting though, we've got a few tips to ensure your 2019 garden is as productive and healthy as possible!

Be sure to check out the details for our Annual Transplant Sale, as well as a special gardening workshop , check for details at the bottom of the page!

Farmer Scott has been busy planting seeds

Farmer Scott has been busy planting seeds

Check your Tools

It happens to the best of us - tools lying around, rain barrels getting a little slimy, trellises falling apart. Now is the best time to get everything clean and ready for you to hit the ground running when you pick up your organic transplants! Organize that shed, clean your tools, fix any broken fences or irrigation, and get ready for a great year!


Jess in the propagation nursery 2019

Clear your Garden

Whether you put in a winter cover crop, or you have leftover fall crop residues, or even if your garden has filled up with grass (hey, we'll count that one as a cover crop too), it's time to clear that bed in preparation for the new! We recommend cutting whatever is left in your garden down to ground level. You can compost the residues or dig them right into your garden to decompose.

Fall Carrots 2018

Fall Carrots 2018

Aerate your Soil

Next, you'll want to start getting your soil ready for the transplants. First things first, it's time to loosen the soil. Over time, water, gravity, and sedimentation slowly compact your garden soil. Compacted soil is not as productive - your plants need lots of oxygen around their roots and plenty of space for water to trickle down. You can use a digging fork to loosen the soil or use the double digging technique. Our clay soil is great for retaining moisture and holding nutrients I do not recommend raised beds. Our high summer heat dries out raised bed very fast and you will have to water more. If you use the native soil aerate and amend with compost I think you will have more success.


The next step is to make sure your soils are healthy and fed! We recommend applying a few inches of compost to your garden every year. This provides your garden space with nutrient-rich organic matter and a host of microorganisms. Not only is compost a fantastic, natural, slow-release fertilizer, but it will increase the water-holding capacity of your soil, and decrease erosion.

You can go a step further and get your soil tested - this will tell you if you need to add any micronutrients or amendments to your soil. Here at the farm, we test with a number of laboratories to attain the best possible soils we can, but for the casual home gardener, this step is not as necessary.

Alright, you're ready to start planting, now what?

Come to the Annual Transplant Sale

Our Spring Transplant Sale is around the corner, and your options to get your transplants are a little bit different this year. Read closely!

OPTION 1: Come to our Palisade Farm Transplant Sale happening on Saturday April 20, 27 and May 4. We will have our selection of certified-organic transplants at this greenhouse sale. We will also have a selection of local seeds, organic compost and soil amendments.

OPTION 2: Come to our Organic Gardening Workshop on Saturday, March 30 , and select and plant your favorite seeds and plants. We can nurse them and have them ready for you just in time to plant your garden. All workshop participants will get 10% off their transplant purchases. We will provide seeds during the workshop included in the price of the workshop. More info on that below.

We can't wait to see your home gardens flourish. The selection this year is varied and our favorites... we have tons of different fruit, herb, and veggie offerings.


Learn from a Pro

Field To Fork is excited that this spring we will be hosting our annual spring gardening workshop lead by our Farmer (Scott). Learn tips on how to turn your backyard into a productive spring garden to feed you and your family.

When: Saturday, March 30 10am - 3pm We will provide a vegetarian lunch 3-4 private planning sessions with us to look at your garden site and help with design.

Where: Our Palisade Farm! 3526 Front Street Palisade Co 81526

Tickets: Available now!