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How it all began..... 

Field To Fork CSA began in the winter of 2011 by Scott and Jessica Washkowiak. Their passion for farming and eating organic had been growing since 2008 when they began farming on organic farms in California and Colorado. The decisions to start Field To Fork in Mesa County Colorado continued their career and life in farming that they wanted.

Jessica loves cooking and working outside but she could never find the quality of food she wanted to cook with so she started growing it and began volunteering at the farms Scott was working with. Scott loves real work and being creative and connecting with nature which lead them to each other, working with each other and into farming. Scott had been working on farms and growing many different crops for most of his life. Scott has a huge appetite and the cook in Jessica loved feeding him. 

By the Spring of 2012 they had a half-acre garden in Palisade, Colorado. Very quickly they started a small CSA (community supported agriculture) program that provided 30 families in Mesa County with fresh produce weekly. Field to Fork also was serving the local community by selling their fresh produce at farmers markets. 

In the summer of 2014, a piece of land was purchased, neighboring where they first started the CSA program and were able to provide a permanent home for Field To Fork. This land gave the farm room to grow and continue farming profitably with making the proper investments and infrastructore needed to grow select gourmet fruits and vegetables.

Field To Fork has grown from a 1/4 acre garden to 20+ acres of Certified Organic land. They Organically farm 10,000 square feet of greenhouse production 1.5 acres of intensive gourmet salad crops (lettuce, root vegetables, tomatoes, as well other specialty gourmet crops). 4+ acres of mixed fruit orchard (cherries, peaches, plums, apples and pears) and 3+ acres of row crop vegetables (ie. pumpkins, melons, squash broccoli, cabbage, peppers). 12 acres are farmed for rotational cover crops and alfalfa.

To participate in the growth of the farm you can join the farms membership program, local chefs can buy wholesale. Or you can find the farms products weekly at Natural Grocers in Grand Junction, Colorado.

Field To Fork

3526 Front Street
Palisade, CO 81526